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Hello readers, today we will give you information about “How to Open Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership / Franchisee / Agency” through this article. As you would know that the economic condition of the country is not good due to Corona lockdown, the unemployment rate is also increasing very fast. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the country, has also talked about ‘Self-reliant India campaign’ . Is. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is providing you this opportunity.

Soon Reliance company is opening new 5500 petrol pumps in the country. For which you can also apply online. Here we are sharing you complete details of Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2022 . Please continue reading further.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme 

Significantly, Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and British Petrol Company (BP) are going to open new 5500 petrol pumps in India. Both the companies will form a joint venture company to open this petrol pump. In this regard, both the companies have issued a joint statement, in which this information has been given. In such a situation, if you also want to become self-reliant by opening a petrol pump, then this is your chance. So let’s know what is Reliance ‘s Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme 2022 , and how to apply for Reliance’s petrol pump. Please stay tuned.

What is Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme?

रिलायंस पेट्रोल पंप डीलरशिप योजना क्या है?

Like we told you above that Reliance company is opening new 5500 petrol pumps in the country. Whose dealership / franchise you can also take and earn up to Rs 3 lakh per month. Petrol pump business is considered a good business, because in this you can sell petrol as well as diesel. Along with this, through this new company, we will also supply Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) to the airlines of the country. In which the profit of the dealership owner will also increase. Overall petrol pump business is a good business. In such a situation, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is giving you this opportunity that you can also take a petrol pump dealership / agency .

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme – Overview

scheme name Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership
Announcement Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)
partner company British Petrol Company (BP)
launch date FY 2022-23
purpose Opening of new 5500 petrol pumps in the country
Who can apply All entrepreneurs / businessmen of the country
start application start soon
helpline number 1800-223-023
official website
article category dealership / agency

Key Features of Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership

  • Reliance Company is looking to further expand its petrol pump business in the country.
  • The newly formed company will also focus on supplying ATF of airlines including petrol and diesel.
  • At present, Reliance has 1400 petrol pumps in the country. Now after the formation of a new company, it will be expanded rapidly.
  • Reliance company will soon invite applications to open new 5500 petrol pumps in the country.
  • Apart from this, the business of aviation fuel will also be increased rapidly under this company. At present, Reliance provides ATF at 30 airports in the country.
  • The Government of India is in the process of making rules more flexible to allow foreign companies to enter the marketing of petrol and diesel.

Note – Reliance’s stake in this newly formed company will be 51 percent. The remaining 49 per cent stake will remain with BP. An agreement has been reached between the two companies regarding this partnership. An agreement in this regard will be signed this year. The entire process will be completed in the first half of 2022.

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Who can open Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership?

रिलायंस पेट्रोल पंप डीलरशिप कौन खोल सकता है?

Who can open Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership – The age of the person seeking license to open a petrol pump should be between 21 to 60 years. Apart from this, he should also have 10th pass certificate.

If you fulfill this condition, then know the necessary rules for opening a petrol pump:

अगर आप यह शर्त पूरी करते हैं तो जानें पेट्रोल पंप खोलने के लिए जरूरी नियम:

  1. If the land is on the State Highway or National Highway, then you should have 1200 square meters to 1600 square meters of land to open a petrol pump.
  2. If you want to open petrol pump in urban area or city, then you should have at least 800 square meters of land.
  3. If you want to open a petrol pump, then you may have to invest 15 lakh to 30 lakh rupees.
  4. The paper on the land on which you want to open a petrol pump should be completely clean.
  5. If the land on which you want to open a petrol pump is agricultural land, then you will have to get it converted to non-agricultural land.
  6. If the land is not owned, then a No Objection Certificate (NOC) has to be obtained from the owner of the land. This land should have water and electricity connection.
  7. If the land is taken on lease, you should have a lease agreement. If you have purchased land, then you must have Registered Sale Deed.

Please Note – When you apply for petrol pump to Reliance, the company will check your documents to know the correctness. During this your land will be inspected. After this inspection, if your land is found to be correct by the company, then within 1 month the offer of Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership can be received.

How much profit can you make by selling petrol?

पेट्रोल बेचने पर आप कितना मुनाफा कमा सकते हैं?

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme (Profit of Selling Petrol/Diesel) – Although the business of petrol pump can be considered a good business, but the profit of selling petrol/diesel depends on its quantity. Like how much petrol and diesel you sold in a day, your earning depends on it. If you deduct the cost of the petrol pump, then after selling petrol you can save from 2 to 3 rupees per liter. In such a situation, if you sell 5000 liters of petrol per day, then you can earn up to Rs 10,000 on an average daily. And in the month this earning will be up to 3 lakh rupees. If you earn even Rs 2 per liter by saving diesel, then by selling 5 thousand liters of diesel daily, you can earn about Rs 10 thousand.

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Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme 2022 Apply Online

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Scheme 2022 Apply Online – If you are also willing to take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership and you follow the above mentioned terms/conditions then you can apply by following the steps given below.

  1. First of all you have to visit the official website of Reliance Petroleum (Business Inquiry Portal) . Here you will get all the information related to the application.
  2. Official Website
  3. The online form can be filled by visiting the Reliance Business Inquiry Portal .
  4. Apart from the petrol pump here, there is also a chance to connect with the company in other ways. From Lubricants, Trans Connect Franchisee, A1 Plaza Franchisee, Aviation Fuel and many more, the company offers an opportunity to join.
  5. The details of the franchise of these works are on the site, people can also apply if they are interested.
  6. Apart from this, to open Reliance’s petrol pump, you will have to give some information to the company.
  7. Such as your name, mobile number, email, state and city name, etc. Apart from this, if you do any business, then you will also have to give information about it.

You can take loan from bank to open petrol pump

पेट्रोल पंप खोलने हेतु ले सकते हैं बैंक से लोन

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership (Bank Loan Facility) – If you are willing to take Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership but are unable to invest, then do not worry. Loans can also be taken from banks for opening and expanding petrol pumps. Nowadays, facilities like restaurants are also available at petrol pumps. Loans can be taken easily for this type of work. The cost of starting a petrol pump depends on the area. If the petrol pump is to be opened in the urban area, then the expenditure will be according to that, whereas if there is a metropolitan area, then the expenditure will come accordingly. If the petrol pump is to be opened in the rural area, then its cost will be slightly less. Still you should have Rs 15-20 lakhs worth investing. For which you may also have to take a loan from the bank.

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